Matt Trewin

Matt Trewin
Matt Trewin Photography

Photographic Exhibition: 19th December 2016 – 13th January 2017

“Meet the Artist”  – Wednesday, 21st December 2016 at 6:30pm
at Tall Dark & Coffee, 28 Market Street, South Melbourne

“For me, photography is my way out … 

It allows me to explore, create and meet new people … 

I have found that since taking photography seriously a few years ago it has pushed me to explore more and has taken me to some beautiful places which I don’t think I ever would have discovered without photography.  I love that I can share these pictures with others through my images.

Everywhere I go now, I always have a third eye out looking for new potential spots and chasing the “right” light to make the most of any location.

I love that the camera allows me to create an image and portray a scene how “I” see it.

I tend not to give meanings behind my images as I believe the viewer should see and create whatever story they wish.”

Matt Trewin

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