Elena McGannon

Elena McGannon
Elena Bee Photography

“Red My Lips”

Photographic Exhibition:  5th-16th December 2016

“Meet the Artist” – Wednesday 7th December 2016

Closing Day and Auction – Sunday 18th December 2016
7:00am – 4:00pm

For two years Elena McGannon has been working in collaboration with Red My Lips, an international non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting those suffering the impacts of sexual violence or assault. Her portrait series of the same name aims to dismantle the myths and social constructs that perpetrate these issues. Clad in red lipstick, her subjects share their stories and thoughts on sexual violence, its impact, and the importance of compassion and solidarity.


‘I want to give people a safe way to show support. I want survivors to understand and believe that what happened was not their fault. I want them to see love and support on the faces of those around them, whether they come forward with what they have been through or not. And I want our collective mentality to change. I want people to better understand how sexual violence, rape myths and victim blaming are connected. How they don’t just harm victims, but all of us. I believe this cultural shift is what is needed to lower the rates of sexual violence.’
– Danielle Tansino, creator of Red My Lips.

http://redmylips.org/ #redmylips #ok2share


About Elena:

An aspiring photographic artist from Melbourne, Australia, exploring the world through a glance of her viewfinder.   Elena is currently studying her BA of Photography at RMIT University, but has been taking portraits of her ungrateful siblings since high school.

“I focus largely on conceptual work, aiming to resonate my pieces on a personal level with my audience. I hope to convey the idiosyncrasies of my clients and my subject matter through my aesthetics.” 

This is just a taste of some of her photographic talents:

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