Bigbamboo Photography

Big Bamboo Photography

Photographic Exhibition – 31st October – 11th November 2016

“Meet the Artist” Wednesday, 2nd November 6:00-8:00pm

“For twenty years I was a filmmaker, curator/exhibitor and distributor, achieving modest critical success with festival, TV and publishing credits, and an international award for cinematography. Overall, I found the process of filmmaking a frustrating one with too much time spent on raising money and keeping people happy; too little on creative activities. And then I ‘discovered’ photography.

During an often nomadic life, I’ve made and lost many friends, but have now found one that is with me for the duration. More adventurous than I am, with a sometimes crazy disregard for personal safety, my camera takes me to places I didn’t know existed, shows me things I never thought I’d see and introduces me to people I never expected to meet. We’ve been together for a while, now, and get along just fine.”

COMPETITION: 2016 Moscow International Foto Awards –
Honourable Mention, Body Parts portfolio

COMPETITION: 2016 Photographic Angle –
Body Parts selected for national UK tour

COMPETITION: 2016 Brighton Open Fringe –
Official Selection of Body Parts submission for Festival Launch event

COMPETITION: 2016 London Photo Festival –
Finalist + invitation to show in Festival Exhibition

COMPETITION: 2016 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize -Semi-Finalist

EXHIBITION: August 2016, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne

EXHIBITION: Nov/Dec 2016, MADE Gallery, Brighton

EXHIBITION: Oct/Nov 2016, Tall Dark & Coffee Gallery/Cafe, Melbourne

EXHIBITION: April 2017, Manningham Gallery, Melbourne



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