Creative Art Space


South Melbourne cafe owner, Peter Tyrell, is looking for Melbourne artists to share Tall Dark & Coffee’s creative space and gallery and the deal is a lot more attractive than many similar cafes have on offer.

Mr Tyrell’s vision is for a creative space for artists, musicians and photographers to showcase their talents and has supported exhibitions for international artists/ filmmakers from the UK, local award-winning photographers, charity events, life art drawing workshops and spoken word/poetry evenings, which are fast becoming regular events.

Mr Tyrell says “Exhibiting at our venue is free for artists, my cafe is here to encourage new talent and help promote each other’s businesses. Exhibitors display their art for two weeks at a time and the exciting, regularly changing vibe provides a great atmosphere for the cafe while giving the artists another place to show their works.”

Gallery spaces often charge to hang works and take high sales commissions from the artist which makes for an added expense that prevents many artists starting out from being able to show their artworks.

“At Tall Dark & Coffee, I want to encourage artists. It’s hard enough for an artist to make a living from their works, costs of materials and studio space, without the venues taking money out of their pockets,” explained Mr Tyrell.


So feel free to pop in and explore the space for yourself, picture where your artworks or event will fit into the space available, and chat to Peter about making your event or exhibition a reality.


Art  –  Painting  –  Photography  –  Music  –  Spoken Word  –  Art of All Kinds Welcome


Further enquiries:
Peter Tyrell
Tall Dark & Coffee Cafe & Creative Space
28 Market Street, South Melbourne Vic 3205
Tel: 03 9077 4873
Mob: 0415 084 140

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