Julius Meinl World of Poetry


Poetry can make the world a better place.

“Julius Meinl inspires you – and being inspired, you inspire others.”

Poetry can range from creating to daydreaming to crafting, imagining or simply just having conversations – you alone decide what poetry is for you. Meanwhile, coffee and tea inspire your brain, your senses, and spark your creativity.

A coffee house – it represents social life at its best. It is a place where all sorts of individuals meet to discuss their dreams, to reflect on their thoughts, to share their ideas, to compose masterpieces, to read or just to quietly sit and watch our colourful life happen. With one single cup of coffee, one is entitled to linger in the coffeehouse for hours and hours, even without ordering anything else, making you feel at home. It is here, in this friendly “home away from home”, full of emotions and life, where poetry in its many forms comes to life.

21st March is World Poetry Day – stay tuned for an exciting event at our coffee house.


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