Gourmet Juices, Smoothies & Mocktails

Tall Dark Shakes

Blueberry Viennese Vanilla
Rich Viennese dark chocolate and blueberries combined with vanilla bean ice cream. Blended and topped with fresh cream.

Dark Chocolate and Peppermint
Rich Viennese dark chocolate and peppermint syrup combined with vanilla bean ice cream. Blended and topped with fresh cream.

Salted Caramel and Banana Bliss
A combination of salted caramel and creamy vanilla ice cream. Fresh banana and yogurt with fresh cream float.

Toffee and Honeycomb
A perfect balance of rich toffee and honeycomb combined with fresh yogurt. Blended till smooth and silky for an unforgettable flavour.

Tiramisu Italiana
A blend of tiramisu combined with fresh brewed coffee topped with milk. Subtle notes of masala and mascarpone.

Pink Panther
Musk and coconut combined magically with vanilla ice cream. Blended with milk and topped with fresh cream.

Espresso and chicory blended with vanilla ice cream and milk.

Raspberry and Coconut
Fresh raspberries and coconut syrup combined with vanilla ice cream. Blended with milk and topped with fresh cream.

smoothie 2


Tall Dark Smoothies

Carrot and Mango 
A succulent blend of carrot, mango, banana and raspberries.  Blended with yogurt and milk.

Coconut and Banana
Banana and coconut combined with pineapple and lime juice.  Blended with yogurt and milk.

Healthy Green Buzz
Banana and spinach combined with honey and ginger.  Blended with yogurt.

Blueberry Greek
Fresh blueberries blended with yogurt and milk.

Very Very Berry
Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and boysenberries blended with Gippsland yogurt.

Apple and Rhubarb
Apple and rhubarb blended with Gippsland yogurt and milk.

Mango Passion
Fresh mango and passionfruit combined with yogurt and milk.

Spiralina, apple, apricot, kiwifruit and banana. Combined with fresh Gippsland yogurt.

smoothie 3

Tall Dark Mocktails

Paradise Lemonade
A combination of raspberry and coconut syrup topped up with Phoenix Organic Lemonade and fresh squeezed lime juice.

Salted Caramel Chiller
Built over ice combining Monin salted caramel syrup and organic cola.

Cherry Mule
Monin Cherry syrup infused with organic ginger ale and fresh lime juice.

French Kiss
Monin violet syrup infused with lemon juice and topped with organic lemonade.

Mint Quencher
Green peppermint shaken with ice and topped with organic lemonade.

Tropical Colada
A combination of apple, mango and passionfruit juice with a hint of coconut and a cream float.

Tall Iced Tea
Fresh brewed organic tea in a variety of flavours.  Blueberry, Rasberry, Cherry, Violet, Lemon and Peach.

Fruit Twister
Blueberry, Rasberry, and Cherry flavours built over ice and topped with Artesian sparkling
mineral water.


French Kiss